baking with julia: pumpkin loaves

in the end, these pumpkin loaves tasted more like the sweet tea bread i initially expected, before i realized they belonged to the yeasted category. it must be all that pumpkin purée, giving them some weight and density. well, i used a.p. instead of bread flour, too, so that was a factor.

the recipe is a little time-consuming but scored mega points for making my kitchen smell like thanksgiving day. i hurried-up the second rise by placing the loaves in a 150-degree oven for about 15 minutes before baking. it worked. and yes, i once again turned to my trusty paper loaf pans (i wonder if the company that makes them knows i’m a serial promoter) – the dough divided perfectly between two 8-inchers. and no add-ins were allowed. nope. not a one.

is this morning toast material?

visit twd for more info and find the recipe in baking with julia.

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